Steps to Hide and Restore The Hidden Extention Icon in Chrome

Hello all! I am sure most of you here always surve in internet everyday. And of course, suring in internet can’t be done without internet browser. Internet browser is an application that is used to surve in

How to Change My Phone Number on Whatsapp without Having A New Account?

Today, along with the massive use of smartphone, the development of applications also become so rapid. Almost everyday, we can see many new apps spread throughout the application store; from Google Play Store to App Store. One

New Feature; Whatsapp Video Call!

Whatsapp is an instant chatting app which has been downloaded and used by many people around the world. The reason why people choose Whatsapp rather than other instant chatting apps because Whatsapp is so simple to be

The Right Way to Use Anti-Virus for Your Computer

Nowadays, it seems almost everyone has heard the term computer viruses.
Computer viruses (let’s just call it as ‘virus’) is actually a piece of malware (malicious software) which is created with a specific purpose. The other types of

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Which One Is More Effective? Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords

Promotion plays an important role to build a business. Regardless of the type of business or service that is being initiated. If no promotion is made, the prospective costumer will not know what kind product that you

What Is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Probably, many of you have heard of cloud computing, but if you never heard of that term then you can learn it from here. Cloud computing provides shared computer processing resources and data