5 Best Keyboards for Your Android Phone

For those of you who use Android smartphone, it must be so boring to use the default keyboard. Besides because it has no good style, the color is also boring. This is something that I experience during my 3 months to use my android phone. Of course, it will be better if you can customize your keyboard and you can choose the style based on your preference. Well, actually, there are many keyboard apps in Google Play Store, but I will recommend you the 5 Best Keyboards for Your Android.


Here are the 5 Best Keyboards for Your Android:

1. Go Keyboard – Emoji and Emoticons

This keyboard app has been downloaded for more than 100 million of people in Google Play Store. This keyboard provides you the emoticons, predicted texts, themes, fonts and many more. It has 2 version, free version and app-in-purchase.


2. Swiftkey Keyboard

This is also one of the best keyboards for me. It has many features such as themes, icons and emoticons, fonts and text prediction. What is good for Swiftkey is that, the prediction text is almost accurate, therefore, some android phone’s vendors even use this keyboard as their default keyboard on their products such as Xiaomi.


3. Fleksy Keyboard Free

This keyboard will give you the new experience in using the keyboard for your android, because it allows you to insert the text into dictionary, deletes the text in quick time, predicts some words, provides many themes and emoticons and many more. You can also choose your best keyboard here. It also allows you to correct the text so quickly.


4. Swype Keyboard

Are you so lazy to type the text on your keyboard? Swype Keyboard can help you because it has a good text prediction and you also do not need to text the words completely because it can predict the complete text so accurately. Just swipe your finger on its keyboard then you will have many text prediction there, just choose and the text will appear on your screen.


5. HexBoard Keyboard

This keyboard has a catchy hexagonal interface. As like other keyboard apps, it also can predict the text, it gives you many emoticons and it is easy to be used. Well, it should be admitted that the appearance of the keyboard is unusual, but I can ensure to you it’s still easy and comfortable when it is used. There are many colors it provides to you, from red until a combination color. Customization can also be done, but some features are in-app-purchase.


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