5 Signs Blog Visitors Love Your Blog


If you are a blogger, you might expect your blog to be liked and loved by many people. When your blog is liked by many, there will be more traffic for your blog so it will be easy for you to live from monetizing your blog.

By promoting your blog, you will get more visitor.

How to know if your visitors like your blog or not?

Here are the signs or characteristics of blog that gets generous love and attention from its visitor.

1. Return Visitor

The first sign is return visitor. Return visitor is a visitor of the blog who make a return visit to that blog. It means that once a person comes for the first time, he is interested to come again for the second time and so on.

Then, how to know if the visitors came more than once (return visitor)? Simple, you just need to install Google Analytics on your blog. After that, you check the audience overview tab to see the indication of return visitor.

2. Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration

Next, another sign of your blog got love from your visitors is by checking your blog’s bounce rate and average session duration. What are they?

  • Bounce rate is the percentage of number of visitors who only visit one page and then leave your blog.
  • Average session duration is the length of time spent by visitors in one visiting session (usually one session is counted per 30 minutes).

The lower bounce rate of a blog, the better value of that blog and vice versa. While for average session duration, the longer time of average session duration of a blog means that the blog has a higher value, because it means the blog is liked by the visitors and they like to spent a lot of time in the blog, for example to search and read the articles.

3. Comment

The third sign is comment. It is one of the most obvious sign and you don’t even need to install anything to check it. It means your visitor had read your post and so they left a respond to the content of your post. It also one way to make a high return visitor because if a visitor asked something, they might come again to your blog to check the reply. So interacting with your visitor is a good thing.

But you should note that the comment that you count as a sign of them liking your blog is comment from a real visitor, not spam, like promotion or visitor who came only to just leave a backlink to their own blog.

4. Share or Back Links

One of the things that also reflect the success of your blog is the amount of people sharing a link to your blog. They might share your articles and recommend it to other people, for example sharing to social media like Twitter or Facebook.

5. Subscriber or Follower

The last sign is, the number of your blog’s subscribers or followers. Subscribers or followers are people who register their email or social media to get a notification whenever you update your blog. They can be described as a regular costumer of your blog. Also, the more subscribes you have means that you have a higher potential of return visitor, they might even become your regular visitor who don’t need a notification to check your blog.

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