New Feature; Whatsapp Video Call!

Whatsapp is an instant chatting app which has been downloaded and used by many people around the world. The reason why people choose Whatsapp rather than other instant chatting apps because Whatsapp is so simple to be used and the memory which is demanded is relatively lower than any other chatting apps. As like other apps, Whatsapp also makes updates every time. This year, Whatsapp makes a huge advancement by adding a new feature that is Whatsapp video call.

Whatsapp now can make a video call to everyone. But to enjoy their new feature, you need to update you Whatsapp application into Whatsapp Beta 2.16.318. You can find the upgraded version in Google Play store. But you need to take a note that if you want to have a video call, your interlocutors also needs to upgrade their Whatsapp into minimally on the beta version of 2.16.318 or upper. If the interlocutor does not have that Beta version, the screen will display a warning “Couldn’t place call. Needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls.”


As the note, you cannot directly use the video call feature, you should do “wipe data” first before they enjoy the feature. And before you wipe the data, you are required to back up the data of your Whatsapp. Here are the steps to back up the data: click the icon of 3 spots on the upper right corner of the screen > you will have some options > choose Setting > Choose Charts > and please run a Chat Backup.

After that you can wipe the data on your Whatsapp, here are the steps: Go to Setting menu > Click Manage Apps > find Whatsapp and tap on the Storage option and choose Wipe data.

After you finish the process of back up and wipe data, you can login into your Whatsapp by inputting the phone number for your Whatsapp. After you successfully login, you should do a restore chat history. To do a video call in new Whatsapp is similar with a phone call in Whatsapp. It is placed on the top right corner of the screen. Just tap the call icon on that side and there will be option appears; phone call and video call.

As usual, video call needs a stable connection, so as Whatsapp. You can enjoy having a video call with your friend via Whatsapp.

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