Steps to Hide and Restore The Hidden Extention Icon in Chrome

Hello all! I am sure most of you here always surve in internet everyday. And of course, suring in internet can’t be done without internet browser. Internet browser is an application that is used to surve in internet, it provides you many website that you type on it as long as there is an internet connection such as wifi, thetering and many more. There are many internet browsers today, we now have Baidu Browser, Google Chrome, Safari (for iOS users), Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Actually each of them has weaknesses and strengths, so you may choose one of them or maybe all of them as long as you are comfortable to use it.


Today, I don’t mean to discuss all of those browsers, I only want to give you some simple and small materialabout how to hide and restore the hidden extension icon in Google Chrome. Google Chrome is an internet browser made by giant-technology company, Google. I am sure that almost everybody has known this giant company since almost all of us here always access Goolge at time when we want to search or find something in internet.. well, as the browser, of course Google Chrome also has many features in its interface.

You would have Office Online, Google Mail Checker, Speed Test, Google Translate, Clipular Screen Capture and many more. Well, we should understand that when we download and install the extension on our browser, there must be many benefits that we will get, and of course one of them is a more simple access when we want to do something on our browser. For example, you don’t need to go to new tab to access “Google Translate” if you want to access it, just go to your extension which the small icon will appear on top of the browser’s interface and you can directly use it.

But like it or not, sometimes we also feel so destructed with too many small icons of extensions that we have on our Chrome. Want to know how to hide it and how to restore the hidden extension icon? Here are the steps!

How to hide the extension in my Chrome?

  • Go to “Omnibox” on your Google Chrome (it is located between menu button and address bar menu).
  • Then choose the icon of the extension that you want to hide, right click the small icon then you will have some options, please choose “hide button”. After that, the extension icon willhe hidden from your Chrome.
  • In case if you want to access the extension manually after you hide it, you may go to extension menu by clicking the top right corner menu on your Chrome and find our your extension at “Extension” menu.

How to restore the hidden extension in my Chrome?

  • Go to the top right corner menu, click it.
  • Find out the “extension” menu.
  • There will be lists of your extension, both hidden and unhidden.
  • On the bottom of your hidden extension, please choose “show button”, then you can see the icon of your hidden extension be restored on Chrome interface.

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