What Kind of Android Data Which are Backed Up Automatically?

Hello all! Are you an android fans? I am sure some of you here are the users of android phone. Android has become one of the best operating system for smartphones around the globe. The operating system which is made by Google has developed many things for their customer to enhance the satisfaction and confortability. You can mention one by one of android’s updates; from security till user interface. If we talk about security, of course it becomes so crucial for all customers.

Of course it’s something useless and wasteful if we have a great operating system in our smartphone but there is no guarantee of data taht we have there. Therefore, the issue of security is so sensitive for all people including Google itself. Regarding to security aspect, Google has developed automatic backup for all of your data in your smartphone. Here is the list of automatic back up data in Android:


– Contact, Emails, Documents and Calendar
– Some setting configurations
– Data Browsing in Google Chrome (browser)
– Games and apps which you have ever installed into your android phone.
– Photos
– Wifi setting

So those are the things that will automatically be backed up by android. in large portion, the data that are backed up are the data from your Goole apps, such as Chorme apps, Play Store, Google Photos, and others. So, if you have known the automatic one, it’s time for you to know what are the data that will not be automatically backed up by android. here they are:

– Messages
– Call log
– Custom Settings
– Applications, and
– Security Data



So those are the data that will not be automatically backed up by android. It is important for you to know that you should backed up those unautomatic back up data regularly. It is highly suggested because if in case your phone is error or is stolen, you will still have those data to be accessed. But, if you are the one who doesn’t like to have a manual back up for your data, you don’t need to be worry because there are many apps in Google Play Store that you can use to back up your data automatically for all kinds of data and files. One of them, which is suggested is Titanium Backup (the picture is available above). This app is so great to back up your data automatically, you can customize the settings such as choosing which data that should be automatically and regularly backed up. It’s fast, simple, and very easy.

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