3 Ways to Uninstall The Programs on Your Windows 7

Did you know? Uninstalling some unused programs in your Windows 7 can release some hard disk space?

It is a common knowledge that the more you install programs on your computer, the lesser the space of your hard disk will be, and the impact of limited capacity of hard disk can affect your computer performance. Therefore you need to be selective in installing some softwares on your PC especially if it uses Windows 7. It is so good to uninstall some of unused programs on Windows 7.

Actually, there are many methods to uninstall the programs or softwares on Windows 7, to remove the software cleanly can use Revo Uninstaller PRO and today I would like to discuss it completely.


1. First Step: Uninstalling The Programs in Windows 7

This is the easiest step that you can do to uninstall your unused programs in your Windows 7. You can see all of your installed programs on “Program and Featured”. This display will help you to uninstall your programs. Now, let’s go to the steps!

– Open the “Control Panel” via Start Menu


– After you see the Control Panel bar, there will be some menu there, click menu “Programs”.


– After you click “Programs” menu, there will be many options there, to uninstall your unused programs, please choose “Program and Features”.


– After you click that menu, there will be some lists of programs that are installed on your PC. Click menu “Uninstall” to run the uninstallation of program.


– Direct your pointer into the desired program that you want to uninstall, then click “Uninstall” to run the uninstallation process.


2. Second Step: Uninstall Your Programs in Windows 7

This step can also be done if in case your installed programs are not listed on Start Menu or it doesn’t have any Shortcut on your screen.

– Open Start Menu and choose Program.

After that, you will see the list of Program’s folders and click the folders which are listed on Program’s menu. There will be a shortcut of “Uninstall”.


– Then you can follow all of the uninstallation direction.

3. Third Step: Uninstall Your Programs in Windows 7

This last step is a bit more difficult than the rest 2 steps because it obligates you to know the uninstall folder/option on each program’s folders.

First, you need to go to Windows Explorer and click Drive C: or the location that you use to install your windows.

For Windows 7 32-bit: Open Folder C:\Program Files, then find out the folder of the program that you want to uninstall.

For Windows 7 64-bit: Open Folder C:\Program Files for 64-bit softwares or C:\Program Files (86x) for 32-bit softwares, then find out the folder of your program that you want to uninstall.


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